Digital Study Hall - Cotten Method (5 Sessions)

Digital Study Hall - Cotten Method (5 Sessions)

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 Session 1:

Let's Talk HPV - Risk Factors - Signs and Symptoms

10/14/2020 | 7-8pm CST

Session 2:

You Found Something - "If It's Not Right It's Wrong, React and Refer"

10/21/2020 | 7-8pm CST

Session 3:

"Expand the Teamwork"

10/28/2020 | 7-8pm CST

Session 4:

"All Hands-on-Deck"

11/2/2020 | 7-8pm CST

Session 5:

Capstone + Bonus Info "Back Together Again"

12/2/2020 | 7-8pm CST

Before your session:

To make the most out of your sessions, you should complete "Reduce Liability, Build Your Practice, and Restore Confidence: Oral Cancer and the Human Papilloma Virus – The COTTEN METHOD™" to prepare yourself for success in your study halls.

This course can be found at any time in the COVID Course Curriculum which is available for replay to all Beyond Oral Health members.

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